Encapsulated Environmental System
Paludarium TACHIKO by Azuma Makoto

From sending a bonsai tree to the space to preserving blooming flowers in ice or transparent blocks, Japanese florist and artist Azuma Makoto has his many different ways of presenting the natural beauty. For his latest project, he has built a paludarium that fits more into a sci-fi scene than a peaceful backyard.

Paludarium TACHIKO is the fourth contemporary encapsulated environmental system the artist has created. Paludariums were first seen in England in the 19th century, but Makoto’s version is of course updated with technology. Built with glasses panels and fully equipped with a drip feed-water system and a mist machine, the paludarium offers the ideal growing environment for any exotic plant by controlling the temperature and humidity. There are fans to play the role of wind, and music can be played on the waterproof speakers, with everything controlled by the switches on the panels. There’s also a magnifying glass hanging in the front for the owner to examine the condition of his precious plant.