Armoured Vintage
1937 Cord Custom Beverly

When we talk about armoured vehicles we usually have a vision of a heavily geared up machine, but this beautiful Cord 812 Beverly produced in 1937 remains as the only factory-created armoured Cord every made.

The special 812 Beverly was commissioned by the Louisiana government in 1935 for Senator Huey Long. The car was fitted with bulletproof plating in the doors and behind the rear seat for protecting the outspoken senator, but unfortunately, he was killed before the car was delivered. Other than the armoured treatment, the 812 Beverly also has dual spare tyre holders in the front fenders, a feature reserved for two Cords only for the entire 1937. It is also fitted with suicide doors and hidden headlights modified from aircraft landing lights.

The Cord was sent to the U.S. Coast Guard for another officer then changed hands a couple of times before the current owner purchased it in 1989. The current owner spent US$51,000 on restoration this year, getting it ready for the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction happening in January 2020.