Hill Climbing Racer
Mike Whiddett's Mazda3 for Pike Peak

New Zealand drifter Mike Whiddett, AKA ‘Mad Mike’, has announced his weapon of choice for this year’s upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The Red Bull driver is set to take up the challenge with an insane Mazda3 build.

To be fair, the race car is really only Mazda3 in appearance – underneath the skin will sit a 12,00hp, turbocharged quad rotary engine in a rear-wheel-drive arrangement. As with any hillclimb car, aero plays a big part in this build, with a huge array of wings, diffusers, and canards. Although details of the build are currently limited, we do know that the Mazda will retain the use of all its doors and will also run four race seats inside.

As for the event itself, Pikes Peak celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016, although during the second world war it was halted for a few years, meaning that the 2022 event taking place in June will be the 100th running of the event.