Adventurous Micro Car
Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept

Citroën launched the Ami two-passenger all-electric car in 2020, and while compact electric cars are mainly reserved for running around in urban areas, the automaker has just introduced a buggy concept based on the Ami, aimed at the more adventurous traveller.

Built for weekend trips to the sea or the countryside, the My Ami Buggy Concept is distinctive with its eye catching black, khaki, and yellow colour combo and robust exterior styling. Details such as bull-bars, hubcaps, headlight grilles, fender flares, and more add to the off road aesthetic, while functional elements such as a roof-rack, spare wheel, LED light bar, and all-terrain wide “mud” tyres are equally essential to the car’s character. The doors have been removed and replaced by a transparent rainproof canvas so that adventurers can enjoy uninterrupted views. The curtains can be completed taken off and stored behind the seats in a dedicated storage bag.

Inside, the seats feature memory foam cushions that are light and comfortable, and can be easily taken out to wash. The storage areas are cleverly mapped out, as each area has a specifically designed luggage piece that fits into the space perfectly and can be taken out when leaving the car for a walk. Some of the bags can even be attached in different parts of the interior via magnets, maximising storage space for longer road trips.