Built For The Baja 1000
Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Hydrogen Boot

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is building the first zero-emission racing vehicle built for the demanding Baja 1000. The 2022 running of the off-road endurance race will take place in November and will once again attract various types of race cars as they smash their way through  Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula.

Named the Hydrogen Boot, in SCG’s own words it will be a “cryogenic supercritical hydrogen fuel cell electric Baja 1000 race vehicle”, which is somewhat of a mouthful. Based on the original SCG Boot that raced in 2019, the most obvious changes are the large hydrogen fuel cell tank at the back of the truck, and the cooling system with big fans mounted on each side. Off-road components including the spare wheel, quad headlights, roof-mounted LED lightbar, and exo-rollcage are also being added to make sure the car is Baja 1000 ready.

The automaker believes that both batteries and fuel cells will be part of the future of transportation, with the idea being that fuel cells work better for larger vehicles because hydrogen has a much higher energy density. SCG is going to create its own fuelling infrastructure too, as no labs in the U.S. currently meet the requirements. By envisioning a truck that one can drive to the Baja 1000, race 1,000 miles, and drive back home safely, SCG hopes to set out everything needed to support the Hydrogen Boot and eventually develop a U.S. road-legal version.