FW2015JKT004 – Short Coat from AMI
Simplicity at its Finest.

Economic situation has been a key factor affecting the fashion industry since day one, as fashion is a business after all. The impact of troubled global economies on fashion has led consumers cutting back and leaning more towards practical and timeless designs that never go out of style.  Founded in 2011 and headed by designer Alexandre Mattiussi, French fashion house AMI is known for its sophisticated, elegant and easy to wear designs and has been gaining a lot of public attention in the past few years.

In our final “FW2015JKT” feature, we have this ‘Short Coat’ from the label to spruce up our winter wardrobe. Made of durable wool twill for a rugged look, this jacket is equipped with a detachable shearling collar with four large exterior pockets. Simplicity at its finest, the jacket will undoubtedly keep one warm during the cold winter months. Even though it is a little more expensive, but considering the quality and its timeless silhouette, the jacket is still something that we would love to have in our wardrobe.

HK$ 8,399
I.T +852 2890 7012
1 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong