eyeSight Singlecue
Control Your TV With Simple Finger Gestures.

The idea of gesture control is no longer something new, but since its years of development, it has successfully extended itself from being a pure gameplay system, to being a practical system for the intelligent home. In the CES Consumer Electronics Show held earlier in Las Vegas this year, the Israeli research company eyeSight has brought along their device system called Singlecue. This system saves the user from any installation hassle, as it can be used immediately, simply by placing it next to the television. The user only needs to wave their hand in front of the box and it will immediately activate the TV. The user can also easily change the channel and adjust the volume by waving their arm from side to side, and they can select their desired option by holding up a fist. The most caring function is the mute function, where the user can mute the television by placing their index finger on their lips, so that they can immediately answer any incoming calls.

In addition to the television, Apple TV, Netflix and other relevant entertainment systems, Singlecue can also be synced with other smart home devices via Wi-Fi or infrared. This includes the lights, the blinds, and the temperature control, all without the need to connect any physical wires. Since the factory provides six original gestures, there is also no need for the user to carry any heavy rings or bangles, and the user can even use the mobile app to add in their own unique movements. Since the sensor is very sensitive, it might be a bit challenging to control in the beginning, but after practice, anyone can use it naturally, even for a long period of time without feeling fatigue.