Future Wear
Guerrilla-Group OSVI Season 1 "Natural Disaster"

Taiwan’s Guerrilla-Group is highly-regarded for its signature functional utilitarian workwear. For its latest collection, the clothing brand has taken an imaginative approach and built it around a sci-fi world that sees an artificial super-intelligence powerful enough to create a new form of life.

Dubbed “OVSI Season 1 — Natural Disaster”, the theme is based around a new reality constructed by the artificial super-intelligence, OSVI. Living in this new reality are the conscious minds of humans projected there, the artificial sentient beings created by OSVI, and the first generation to be born there. Streaming multimedia content will be online soon that portrays a seemingly-dystopian world which suffers natural disasters caused by synthetic consciousnesses created by OSVI-titled Recyclers. Until then, let’s just focus on the apparel.

In Guerrilla-Group’s usual fashion, the latest collection has an underlying military theme and is cut with functional forms and fabrics with technical treatments. Tees, shirts, jackets, pants, and more share a palette of monochrome tones, while some items are also offered in shades of khaki greens or camouflage.

Highlights of the season include a shirt jacket created with water repellent and windproof fabrics from Maclowly. The loose-fit cutting jacket features plenty of pockets for carrying all the daily necessities, and the fishing vest also cannot be missed — it’s made of lightweight Ripstop thermo-sensitive resin, which changes colour according to the temperature.