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Bentley Home Newent Collection

An automaker venturing into another sector can often go so wrong — experience shows that the key to success seems to be staying true to a brand’s DNA and translating that design language smoothly into other formats and shapes. Bentley has been doing a great job with Bentley Home since its launch in 2013, with the division embodying the craftsmanship, new technology, and principles of modern luxury integral to Bentley Motors. The latest Newent Collection embodies all that perfectly.

Designed by Carlo Colombo and showcasing exquisite Italian craftsmanship, the new furniture line features silhouettes inspired by iconic shapes of Bentley models new and old, and is highlighted by materials that are frequently seen in Bentley’s interiors. The sofa is the star of the Newent collection and is showcased alongside a matching armchair, chair, and bed. Customers can decide to have the furniture pieces fully upholstered with their choice of leather or fabric, or opt for a veneered frame in the sophisticated walnut briarwood design, which echoes the car’s interiors and highlights the lines of the elegant tapered shape.

The veneering procedure is completed by hand using specifically-made bending moulds. With the special technique of thermoforming, any divisions or joints between the parts are curved in different directions. Such a level of detail and artistry ensures that the Bentley touch is in every single piece of the Newent furniture collection.

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