From Past, Present To Future
Alfa Romeo Giulia concept

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has been given a facelift for the 2023 model year. To align with the current Tonale, the revised car features a new ‘Trilobo’ grill, and a 3+3 headlamp design that references the SZ Zagato from the 1990s. There are people out there that think Alfa Romeo should have gone further, though. Independent car designer Sugar Chow, for example,has shared their own version of the next-generation Giulia on Instagram @sugardesign_1.

The next-gen Giulia conceptualised by Sugar Design aims to revive the retro elements from classic Alfa Romeos, bringing the sexiness and elegance that the marque is known for forward with a modern silhouette. The series of renderings show the concept car standing next to a 1960s Giulia Sprint GT, and you can clearly see where the designer has taken inspiration from. The shining metallic window frames and the omission of rear door handles mimic the original Giulia coupé, though not all the design cues are taken from the 1960s, with the fascia and headlights having a similar look to the latest Alfa Romeos.