Timeless Classic Reborn
Bertone GB110

Italian coachbuilder Bertone was established in 1912 and is the design force behind such iconic models as the Alfa Romeo BAT concept cars, Lamborghini Espada, and many more. Now under the new ownership of Mauro and Jean-Franck Ricci, Bertone is launching a hypercar under its own brand name in order to celebrate its 110 years of history.

The Bertone GB110 pays homage to the coachbuilder’s classic designs from the 1950s and 1970s, though it has been developed with the latest patented technology, some of which makes it the world’s first hypercar to use fuel converted from plastic waste, thanks to Bertone’s partnership with Select Fuel. While detailed specifications are yet to be unveiled, Bertone says that the GB110 will be capable of 1,100 hp and 1,100 Nm max torque. 0-60 mph acceleration will take 2.79 seconds and the top speed will be 236 mph.

The body of the GB110 has an overall wedge shape, though softened with fluid lines. It looks refined and elegant, yet its prominent muscular haunches convey the power and passion of a hypercar. The company cites the Alfa Romeo Carabo and Lancia Stratos Zero as references for the new car’s side profile, while under the rear arches the 22-inch forged alloy wheels, paired with 335/25R22 tyres, add to the hypercar’s rear presence.

Only 33 examples of Bertone GB110 will be built and first delivery is expected in 2024.