Foldable Electric Scooter
Felo M-1

Honda’s iconic Motocompo is perhaps the cutest folding scooter to ever exist. The tiny scooter can be folded into a rectangle for easy carrying and storage, and has inspired plenty of spiritual successors since its debut in 1981. Shanghai-based startup Felo recently took the opportunity to showcase M-1 — a fully-electric Motocompo tribute — at the 2023 Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

Measuring 1,160 x 560 x 860mm and having a curb weight of just 37 kg, the folding electric scooter can be packed into the boot of most vehicles to be pulled out and switched on at a moment’s notice. It’s built on a magnesium-aluminum alloy integrated frame, and when the front and handle are folded, the height of the scooter is only 583 mm. Powered by a 400-watt motor and 48V20Ah lithium battery, the Felo M-1 has a top speed of 35 km/h, with a range of around 100 km per each 5-hour full charge.

The electric scooter can also double as a mobile power station to allow for the charging of different devices and small appliances. Felo also intends to develop modular accessories such as a Bluetooth speaker and a searchlight for the M-1, which would be handy for camping and other outdoor activities.

The Felo M-1 is priced at 380,000 yen for the Japanese market and delivery will begin in Q4 this year.