Rotating Camper Trailer
Romotow T8

With more businesses moving to flexible or even remote working mode than ever before, living a nomad lifestyle while still keeping your office job is no longer just a dream. If you are one of the lucky people who have the opportunity to do that, or simply just love the idea of a travelling lifestyle, the Romotow T8 — designed by New Zealand architecture firm W2 — is something worth paying attention to.

The Romotow T8 is a camper trailer that maximises living space without increasing its overall footprint. Measuring 9,300 mm in length and 2,450 mm in width when closed, it features a fixed chassis and an inner cabin section that can rotate 90º when parked — all you need is to make sure the parking space is going to be big enough for such a novel extension method.

The Romotow T8 prototype has been around for a few years, and now it’s finally ready for production. There is an array of specifications available, but the core floor plan for the 29 square metre living area accommodates a dining table with lounge seating, a kitchen island with sink, refrigerator, toilet, shower area, a bedroom with king size bed, and more. Check out the below video to see exactly how this is achieved.