Electric GT-R On Its Way
Nissan R32EV

Nissan has taken on the challenge of creating a prototype electric vehicle based on the iconic R32 Skyline GT-R, 34 years after it made its debut back in 1989.

The announcement was made on the automaker’s social platforms. So far, we’ve only seen one short teaser video showing the rear of the vehicle, and it’s a slightly confusing one. The distinctive round taillights, the “Skyline” wording and the GT-R badge make it very obviously an R32, as does the [R32EV] title card — but why is it accompanied by the start up and idle sound of the Skyline’s RB26DETT combustion engine?

Nissan notes on its website that the project began with an engineer having joined the company because of their love for the GT-R and their desire to incorporate the latest EV technology into their favourite model in order to create an even more exciting vehicle.

No details such as power output or project timeline of the R32EV have been given, but Nissan promises it will share the challenges, goals, and purpose behind the project soon.