Essential for the Season
New Era “Essential” Collection

The rising temperature gently reminds you to get some new outfits for the season; some accessories to go along with in-season styling would definitely make a difference.  How about a headwear as a highlight?

New Era, the American headwear company from New York, has recently introduced its new collection “Essential” for Spring 2020.  All of the six items from this collection boast a clean-minimalist mood and a relaxed-statement style, with the brand name boldly and neatly embroidered.

Bucket Hat is usually a popular accessory for Spring styling, which well-matches with a trench coat, another essential fashion piece of the season.  Apart from the cool black color, earthy tan is also available.

Of course, their signature 9FIFTY and 9FORTY are also included in this collection.  The baseball cap 9FIFTY comes in navy and black, with silver embroidery on the former one and gold embroidery on the latter one.  The subtle shimmers make this classic cap extraordinary.  Whereas the basic 9FORTY is available in elemental black and white, with embroidery in contrast color to make a splash.

The official launch date, however, has not yet released.  So just stay tuned for their updates.