Transformed for Off-roading
1975 Ferrari 308 Dino GT4 Safari

Are you the kind of car enthusiast who always looks for rarity and uniqueness?  How about this transformed vintage Ferrari?

Originally, this is a Ferrari 308 Dino GT4 from 1975 (45 years ago!) was a mid-engine 2+2 tourer finished in Rosso Chiaro, the exclusive bright red tone of the brand; but in this transformed version, the rear-seat has been removed, leaving only the 3.0-liter four-cam V8 sitting behind the driver.  The engine could produce up to 240 horsepower, which is extremely powerful back in the day.

Neither the absence of rear-seat nor the mighty engine made this Dino exceptional, but the suspension setup.  To cope with all sorts of terrain, the suspension has been significantly revamped by a Texas-based company called DriverSource.  The height-adjustable coil-over suspension setup has been installed at all four corners.  The steering has been fine-tuned to accommodate the changes too.  So this transformed Ferrari is basically capable of running on various kinds of landscape.  Of course, there are still some more features that make it special, like the fiberglass-reinforced mud flaps, Hella off-road lights, a custom-made front bumper with integrated tow hooks, and the eye-catching antenna connected to a CB radio, which runs like a rainbow above the car.

Interested in this unique-looking car?  Yes, it’s for sale.  Just you may have to wait till November this year at Riyadh Auction Salon in Saudi Arabia.