Durable For 60 Years
Dyson Lightcycle Task Light

Dyson’s latest product Lightcycle has nothing to do with its famous, powerful motors, but it is by no mean less impressive than its core vacuum product line. With over 90 engineers spending more than two years in development, the second generation task light may look similar to its predecessor – but proves to be much smarter.

Lightcycle utilises a unique algorithm to automatically adjust the brightness and colour temperature of the light based on time, date, GPS location and over 1 million atmospheric measurements. Once the light is connected with the Dyson Link app, it acquires information on its current location and local time, mimicking natural daylight outside, anywhere in the world. Other presets are also available – in manual mode, users can adjust the settings using the app or the slide-touch functions on the Lightcycle itself.

All this intelligence is made possible by a 32-bit microprocessor, without forgetting the colour temperature adjustment system comprising of three warm and three cool light LEDs offering a wide range of temperature (2700-6500 K). What’s more, Dyson claims the over 1000 lux task light guarantees the same lighting quality for up to 60 years. In an age of throwaway consumables, it’s good to know someone has manufactured something that is going to accompany you for longer than you need it.