Brewing A Better World
Damn Handsome Grooming Co

Avid craft beer enthusiasts Jarrett and Bridget Blackmon recently moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan, a city known for being one of the craft beer brewing centres in North America. After getting to know many of the brewers in the craft beer community, they learned that 90% of the healthy ingredients in the craft brewing process become discarded waste products. Using this information and their observation of the limited choices of natural grooming products for men in the current market, they established Damn Handsome Grooming Co, a company which turns the brewing leftovers into natural, healthy grooming products.

Their priority is the environmentally-friendly recycling of brewing waste ingredients as part of their “Do Good” philosophy. They also donate a percentage of sales proceeds from their hand-crafted grooming products like beard oil, beard balm, hair wax and their home essentials like soap, scented candle and lip balm to those in need. Further, they recycle all product packaging materials. That means you can pick up something to enhance your appearance within minutes while joining the company’s efforts to reduce environmental harm to the carbon cycle by eliminating unnecessary waste.

Handsome Grooming Co is kicking off their retail store and coffee bar in early March. Their confidence has already received a boost after their beer nuts sold out immediately after launch. I think trying to “Do Good” in any form is worth appreciating in the competitive commercial world.