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The Wildest Porsche Spoilers and Rear Wings

Porsche recently launched an eight-episode “Porsche Top 5” YouTube series that has the company combing their archives to introduce us to the best five options of different themes in Porsche’s history. In the first two episodes, they reveal rare factory models and the best-sounding marques. The third and latest short video features the top five Porsche models with the wildest spoilers and rear wings.

While spoilers and rear wings come in different shapes and sizes, they all share two common functionalities: aerodynamic improvements and an increase in downforce. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that many people also appreciate them for their appearance and association with motor racing. The video takes the viewer inside the aeroacoustic wind tunnel at Porsche’s Development Centre in Weissach, a facility built specially for simulating extreme conditions and testing new sports cars.

The Cayman GT4, 959, 911 RS 2.7, Panamera Turbo and the famous 935 Moby Dick Le Mans racer occupy the company’s top five slots. Be sure to check out the video to find out why they deserve a spot on Porsche’s list and what makes their spoilers and rear wings deserve such iconic status.