Autonomous Automotive Art
Robocar in new livery

Everyone has been eager to see the Roborace in full action since their initial launch of the concept. The idea of a competition among human plus AI teams, using both self-driving and manually-controlled cars is fascinating. Another wow factor is, of course, coming from the futuristic design of Robocar created by Daniel Simon of Tron: Legacy fame, which just adds to the allure of the concept. While more testings are needed before we can witness a proper Roborace, the company has created a one-off livery for a photo shoot at Centro Niemeyer in Spain.

The cultural centre complex designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer is famous for its modernist, almost unrealistic appearance. This sets the perfect background for this photoshoot. Daniel Simon and photographer Benedict Redgrove together selected the livery colours especially for this shoot as the shooting location was confirmed.  The result is a mesmeric, scene merging automotive and architectural worlds that looks like it is from the near future, but yet happening as you read this article.