Mid-Summer’s Dream
Summer House Concept by Antireality

Are you living by the sea but yet you still prefer having your own swimming pool? Antireality has dreamed up a concept that fits the purpose perfectly. Set by the seaside ideally located in mixed-dry climate, the triangular shaped summer house completely embraces the surroundings, providing an opportunity for visitors to appreciate and engage with the nature directly as a holiday escape from the city.

Antireality created a reverse version of a roof that can be adapted as a swimming pool, with the water in the pool coming from rainwater and the water level being controlled via a siphonic roof drainage system. The roof structure is supported by 3 cores, with two of them being kitchen and bathroom where the drainage pipes are adapted. For wind protection and air conditioning purposes the living space is enclosed by glass panels so the view is unobstructed.  People who are more concerned about privacy can have the house configured as a completed closed space with extra panels. This concept is still an early adaptation with practical issues still being developed, but if you have a chance take a look at Antireality’s other interesting concept on Instagram.