Attack the Mountain
Acura NSX, TLX A-Spec and TLX GT

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb veteran Acura will return to race at this year’s event, taking place June 25 this year. For the automaker’s sixth consecutive year of participation, Acura will bring the NSX and two TLX race cars.

Acura NSX will compete in the Time Attack 1 class with James Robinson from Honda powertrain development group in the driver’s seat. The car has been lightened and enhanced with aerodynamic elements including a bigger wing and front splitter, while the engine and the Sport Hybrid system has been beefed up for this particular race. 

With modified suspension, a 500 hp 3.5-litre V6 turbo engine and a race limited-slip differential, the TLX A-Spec will make its racing debut driven by Nick Robinson in the exhibition class. The car features a hand-crafted carbon-fibre splitter and rear wing, and minimal interior for weight reduction. 

The TLX GT will return to competition in the Pikes Peak Open class, driven by Peter Cunningham in his Pikes Peak debut. The race car has the same twin-turbo V6 engine used in the Pirelli World Challenge and optimised suspension and transmission gearing for better performance.