Architectural Sneaker

Looking for some fashion items with exceptional uniqueness?  How about a pair of sneakers with some architectural elements blended in?

Kengo Kuma, an acclaimed Japanese architect and lecturer.  He designs great architectures including New National Stadium in Shinjuku, Japan, the main stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2020 Summer Olympics; and he has recently extended his aesthetic sense to sports fashion for the first time.

This unexampled collaboration is made between Kengo Kuma and ASICS, as a homage to the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo.  Kuma applied his mastery of layer, space and unconventional fabrication to this new Metaride AMU with the inspiration from traditional Japanese bamboo craft technique.

On top of the white performance knit, is a multitude of crisscrossing straps in the same tone.  The strips aligned like the bamboo knitting called “yatara ami” and perfectly merges the signature graphic of ASICS on the outer sides.  The layers and the shadows of the strips make this monotoned sneaker boasts a striking style.

Yet, this pair of Metaride AMU is still as functional as any other model in the same line.  The midsole in harmonious tan colour is made of an ecologically-conscious wood-derived textile that provides lightweight cushioning and support.