From the Past into the Future
Expo 2020 Dubai

Only 35 weeks left for the significant world event, Expo 2020 Dubai.  Before the site has been completely built, the first images of the entry portals of the event have been released recently.  Designed by the London architect Asif Khan, the portals are simply breathtaking.

This series with three portals each situated in different districts of the fair namely opportunity, mobility and sustainability.  They are enormous in size – for their 21m in height and 30m in length.  They are aesthetic – as seen from the intricate yet exquisite woven structure inspired by the Arabic traditional mashrabiya.  They are even cutting-edge, thanks to the use of ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber composite, which enables the gate to stand up high without any additional support.

As the first thing, Expo-visitors will see when they approach the site, designer Asif Khan aims to have these giant gates a landmark of the Expo.  “Passing through the doors represents a physical and symbolic act of moving from the past into the future.” And Khan believes every visitor will be inspired and impressed by these unprecedented architectures.