Amazon Echo
A Virtual Assistant that Eavesdrops on Your Home

Amazon has been actively developing their electronic products during the recent years. Following their Fire Phone and Amazon Dash which has given users a new shopping experience, they welcome their latest intelligent speaker Echo. This all black cylindrical built-in speaker also acts as a radio and can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or be synced with other mobile devices via Bluetooth. With a voice control function similar to Siri and OK Google, users can wake Echo up to perform different voice commands simply by calling out terms like the name “Alexa”. Apart from weather enquiries, setting the alarm, searching through Wikipedia and getting other different information; it also plays music and create to-do tasks.

Embedded with 7 microphones in total, Echo uses the velocity technique to receive voice commands from all directions. With strengthened noise reduction abilities, commands can be easily received even when music is being played. Matched with dynamic bass and clear sound components producing 360- degrees around sound, music taken from Amazon Music, Prime Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and other services as well as from the connected mobile device can all easily penetrate through an entire indoor space. On top of that, Echo’s operations are executed on iCloud, therefore it has learning functions which develop its familiarity with the user’s accent, vocabulary use and preferences through time. Amazon also designed an app for Echo so that Fire OS and Android users can control Echo, whilst PC and iOS users do so by using the browser. Priced at USD $199 and USD $99 for Amazon Prime members, this product is yet to be formally offered but is currently experienced applicants approved by the official website.