Leica M Edition 60
The Digital Rangefinder without LCD Display

Leica first debuted their M series M3 camera model at the Photokina World Video Expo in Germany during 1954. Revolutionarily eliminating the III Series screw mount and replacing it with the bayonet mount for lens change; such change have established itself as the basis for the factory’s design, which until today, has not fade at all in the influence it has brought. Stepping into it’s 60th anniversary, the factory has decided to return to its classic. Using their representative film camera structure as concept, they are bringing to the table a world limited 600 pieces special edition Leica M Edition 60. A continuation of Leica M-P’s main technical specifications, it uses the 35mm medium under 24MP CMOS components; with a copper and magnesium alloy casing that provides dust proof and water resistant functions. Erasing the signature style red circle logo and replacing it with a “Leica 60” text on top; it effortlessly echoes M3’s style of traditional elegance.

The back of the camera is where its focus resides; where all the complex controls, the sapphire glass LCD display as well as the electric contact for the expansion of the electronic view finder is gone. Only an ISO setting dial remains, making it no different than a film camera. This means users can only assess the setting of shutter speed, sensitivity and aperture value through experience during shoot. At the same time, users can neither check the photo results like how a common digital camera can. As for saving formats, it only uses “.DNG” RAW formats, without providing the compressed version of “.JPG”; but that can be easily alternated with post editing. The camera is also matched with Summilux 35mm f/1.4 specification lens. Selling at a price of HKD$150,000.

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