Mr. Porter × Globe-Trotter Luggage
Classic English Luggage for Modern Traveling

Founded in 1897, Globe-Trotter doesn’t create the most progressive luggage on the market, but there’s a certain old world charm about the brand that has always appealed to me — a vibe that recalls the days when people actually dressed up to get on a plane. The venerable English company is not adverse to the winds of change however, and it recently teamed up again with Mr. Porter for a focused capsule of three collaborative pieces.

Picking up where they left off, the pair created a trio of travel ready bags consisting of two carry-on options (in 18″ and 21″ options) as well as a more capacious, 30″ wheeled suitcase for longer trips. Made from vulcanised fibreboard and leather with quilted chamel linings and chrome hardware, each bag is handmade in England and available in a variety of colors, including the all-black versions seen above.

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