A Future Classic For The Track
Maserati Project24

Maserati has just announced an exciting new series of super sports cars named ‘Project24’. This extreme, track-only two-seater will be limited to just 62 examples.

Designed by Centro Stile Maserati, Project24 allows for plenty of room for aesthetic and technical explorations, as the sports car doesn’t suffer from any of the constraints of a road-homologated car. At the same time, Project24 isn’t designed for a particular championship or racing class either. The highly aerodynamic carbon-fibre bodywork takes on a brand new shape that provides high downforce, featuring multi-adjustable front and rear wings. Bespoke forged 18-inch aluminium rims with slick tyres complete the stunning exterior.

The Project24’s technical specifications have been inherited from the Maserati MC20, though the performance dial has been turned up to 11. The 3-litre V6 Neptune engine now pushes 740 hp, and is paired with a rear-wheel-drive, six-speed sequential driveline. The suspension and carbon-ceramic braking system have also been heavily enhanced for track use. The dry weight of Project24 will be less than 1,250 kg.

Inside the Maserati, it’s all racecar. That means a race seat with a six-point harness, an adjustable pedal box, a carbon-fibre steering wheel with built-in display, plus an FIA-spec fire extinguisher system and full roll cage. Some practical features can be added when ordering, such as a passenger seat, rear-view camera display, in-car camera for video recording, and more.

Maserati will be offering track-specific experiences and full support for Project24 owners so that they can get the most out of this unique machine.