Unofficial Cyberbike
Tesla Model M Concept

The Tesla Cybertruck was a media sensation when it debuted in 2019 with its no-frills, brutalist exterior. With its production now pushed back to 2023, many people are looking forward to seeing how the prototype morphs into an actual road vehicle.

While we continue to wait, plenty of designers have been inspired by the Cybertruck’s appearance since its debut and have come up with related concepts ranging from garages, to timepieces, and even backpacks. One of these interesting ideas is the Tesla Model M motorcycle, conceptualised by independent automotive and industrial designer Víctor Rodríguez Gómez.

Taking design insipration from the Cybertruck, the Model M motorbike concept uses similarly sharp, angular language for its bodywork, including the raw metallic finish. With hubless wheels and LED light strips accenting the bodywork, the Model M certainly captures the sci-fi feel of its inspiration.

Gómez mentions in the brief that “multifunctional, efficient, and eco-friendly means of individual transport” will be required in the near future due to the inevitable increase in population and a culture of massive consumption. The Model M answers those concerns, not only with its all-electric drive system, but with part of the motorbike’s body being detachable in order to serve as a backpack. As the start/stop system is located on the removable part of the bike, taking the backpack with you means that the chance of the Model M being stolen is minimised.

Of course, the Model M is far from an official Tesla concept, so, for now at least, it will be staying firmly in the digital fantasy realm.