Which One Is Better?
Uber unveils “Skyport” proposals for its ‘uberAIR’ flying taxi service

Uber is still planning to launch its ‘uberAIR’ flying taxi service in three ‘launch cities’ in 2023. While the first two cities had been previously confirmed as Dallas and Los Angeles, the company is now seeking an international city as the third partner. Meanwhile, Uber has also been gathering proposals for design of the take-off and landing ports for uberAIR through the Elevate Skyport Challenge.

As a result, a total of six finalists have been selected and unveiled at Uber’s second annual Elevate summit held in Los Angeles last week, including architecture and engineering firms Gannett Fleming, Pickard Chilton with Arup, Corgan, Humphreys & Partners Architects, The Beck Group and BOKA Powell.

All Skyport concepts are required to be able to support more than 4,000 passengers per hour within a three-acre footprint, provide charging spots for all the eVTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) aircrafts, and minimize environmental impact on adjacent neighborhoods.

Check out the conceptual designs from the gallery above, and watch the archived live stream of the entire Uber Elevate Summit design presentation here.