Vinyl Simplicity
Wheel by Miniot

Record players have been experiencing something of a revolution in recent years. First we saw the levitating turntable and then the one with the infrared device, now we have “The Wheel”, a turntable with a well-protected stylus developed by Holland’s Miniot. Co-founder Peter Kolkman has been seeing more and more record shops opening over the last few years and believes the vinyl revival is not just another fad.

“Music is timeless and it keeps going. In order to be close to this idea we offer mahogany, walnut or cherry wood for the base, together with the control stick of the same material it becomes a wheel.” Keeping the turntable minimal with all the unnecessaries taken out, Wheel is the same size as a vinyl record. All technology and parts including the tonearm and stylus are below the record, while all functions are controlled by the centre stick. Signal from the AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge is sent directly to the RCA connectors, offering a warm and rich sound with outstanding clarity and detail. Wheel will be officially launched in November.