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BrakeFree helmet brake light

When it comes to safety measures, form usually takes a back seat to function, and rightly so. It’s heartening then, to see the birth of the BrakeFree helmet brake light. It’s an innovative way to give an extra layer of protection to motorcyclists, and it looks pretty cool, too.

The helmet brake light is a magnetically smart LED light that can be attached to any existing helmet. As the bright light is at the eye level of other drivers, it instantly increases the visibility of the wearer. The accelerometer and gyroscope sensors used by BrakeFree mean that it can detect braking without being interfered with by the wearer’s bobbing or looking around. The light grows brighter as the motorcycle slows down, alerting nearby drivers. Another advantage of the helmet brake light is that it does not require any wiring, installation or mobile app support. Once it is charged via USB it can simply be mounted on the helmet and used for eight hours.

BrakeFree can be purchased on its Indiegogo crowdfunding page for USD $99.