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"The Solitude of a Machine II" Photography Exhibition

Swedish photographer Marc Ninghetto is holding his second edition of “The Solitude of a Machine” exhibition at the M.A.D. Gallery Geneva. Showcasing a total of seven large-format prints by the renowned photographer, the collection manages to infuse the Japanese manga robot “Grendizer” with a sense of loneliness and alienation as he faces a real-life terrestrial environment.

Ninghetto created the artworks with a technique he gradually developed over his career called “Digital Sampling.” He first made images of the three-dimensional robot model, then subtly incorporated these with his personal photos, resulting in a series of striking prints of Grendizer intermixed in several somber earthly environments. Through the deft use of shadow and light in close-ups through to long shots, Grendizer’s involvement varies from subtle to asserted.

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