The Otherworldly Shapes
Landscape photography by Reuben Wu

Photographer and musician Reuben Wu first started using drone lights in photography for a practical need – lighting up the landscapes when shooting at the light. Gradually, he noticed the various shapes created by the drones and captured in long exposure, and how they interacted with the landscape. Such elements have been added to the final images and he even created two ongoing series involving light carrying drones. “Aeroglyphs” is all about temporary geometries traced by lights, while in “Lux Noctis” many mountaintops are decorated with a halo.

Wu recently completed a shooting trip in Bolivia in collaboration with Danish company Phase One, using the brand’s high-end XT Camera System. The images that were taken there continue his signature style of creating lines, halos and geometries as traced by light carrying drones in space. He reminisced about his trip, “My favourite memory from the trip to Bolivia is shooting the salt flats at sunset. The salt forms these beautiful polygon-like shapes on the ground and, as the sun was setting, the shadows formed by the salt ridges became longer and longer, and so the landscape would look different every few seconds. Being there and watching the landscape change as the sunset moved across it, that feeling just stuck with me.”



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