The New Retro
Macintosh Reborn concept

Apple’s Macintosh was originally launched in 1984, and over the years it has established itself as an iconic and instrumental part of the desktop computer landscape. Ian Zelbo, a New York-based teenage who taught himself 3D rendering via YouTube videos during the pandemic, has come up with a design concept that infuses the nostalgic aesthetics of the very first Mac with current computer technology.

The ‘Macintosh Reborn’s’ overall form, with off-white hard case and colourful Apple logo, pretty much stays the same as the original, though the silhouette becomes sleeker, featuring an angled display with a base similar to that of the current iMac. The computer is also much thinner thanks to modern display technology, but the screen does have a notch at the top that hosts the front camera, similar to current iPhones. As floppy disks have long become history, the disk drive has been replaced by a connection hub with an SD card slot plus USB-C and lightning ports.

Zelbo says that the Macintosh Reborn should run the upcoming M2 chip for the best performance possible, and even without any confirmed power figures, we’re guessing that if something like the Reborn ever came to market, Apple would have a whole tonne of pre-orders on its hands.