Timeless Writing Instrument
D Rocket Design Kaze Pen

Only a couple of decades ago, it was still quite common to gift a luxury pen as a graduation present. In today’s digital world, though, it’s no longer necessary to carry a pen all the time — even contracts are often signed digitally and are equally valid and enforceable. Still, there’s a certain romanticism in writing with pen and paper — how you do that, and with what tool, reflects who you are.

The Kaze ballpoint pen, created by D Rocket Design, is here to remind us of the timeless elegance that a simple pen can provide. With just seven components — not counting the cartridge and the springs — the Kaze pen’s complexity lies in its details. The design of the Kaze references old bolt pens, yet by making the pen clip the opening and closing mechanism, it solves the issue of having a protruding bolt snagging on the shirt pocket. The telescoping pen tip is reminiscent of the classic Lamy Unic Ballpoint Pen, while the main body is a single solid piece. Changing the cartridge is simple — just turn the front face and that’s it. The pen is compatible with Parker Standard Refills, making it as user-friendly as it is unique.

The Kaze is being offered on Kickstarter and there are currently seven material options, including copper, bronze, antique copper, polished titanium, blasted titanium, full titanium, and raw full titanium. Pricing ranges from US$79 to US$149 per pen.