The Air Of Different Cities
Pollution Pods by Michael Pinsky

Our body and mind requires rejuvenation and away from uncomfortable stuffy rooms and offices. What’s better than going to the top of the mountain to feel refreshed. The air quality not just alter our mood because of its scent but the pollutants inside also affect our health. British artist Michael Pinsky has created an immersive installation named “Pollution Pods” that features five interconnected geodesic domes filled with scents emulating the air found in five cites.

The Pollution Pods was first developed for 2017 Climart festival in Norway and recently showcased at Vancouver Convention Centre during 2019TED. Visitors begin the journal with the first pod, which is filled with mimic fresh air of a coastal location in Norway, then pass through increasingly polluted cells, from dry and cold locations to hot and humid that representation the situation in London, New Delhi, Beijing and São Paulo. It is save to walk around inside these pods as the mixed recipes just mimic the presence of ozone, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide and recreate the scents , but it is in such a situation that visitors could feel the importance of creating a cleaner world.