Smart Speaker Discovery 

Apple HomePod

With ten years having passed since the iPod Hi-Fi was released, it’s about time for Apple to once again launch a new in-house speaker. HomePod, the smart wireless speaker just announced in WWDC 2017, is likely to reinvent audio system standards for the home. Available in white and space grey, the cylinder-shaped HomePod features seven beam-forming tweeters and a 4-inch woofer, and is equipped with the same A8 chip as the iPhone. HomePod works best with Siri and Apple Music, and the six microphones with advanced echo cancellation enable the user to ask Siri all sorts of questions and to voice control playback effortlessly. Apple emphasises that HomePod uses spatial awareness to sense its location in a room and to automatically adjust the audio, so users can feel free to place it anywhere inside the room.

HomePod will be available in December in the US, the UK and Australia first, then launched in other countries and regions next year.