Smart sneaker from 1986
Puma RS-Computer shoe reissued

Remembering what life was like before smartphones is hard enough, but recalling what life was like when only around 15% of households had a computer at home is even more mind-boggling. Puma was way ahead of its peers in 1986 when it launched the RS-Computer running shoe — featuring a custom-designed computer chip built into the heel that served as exercise tracker and step counter. Raw data such as time, distance and calories burned could then be transferred to any Apple IIE or Commodore 64 using a 16-pin cord.

Puma has just reissued the 2018 iteration of this technologically advanced shoe, updated with new technology but maintaining the same spirit of 1986’s RS-Computer running shoe. The data gathered on the shoe is connected to a specially developed app via Bluetooth. Other updated features include a miniature 3-axis accelerometer, extended memory for storing up to 30 days of data, LED indicators and lithium battery, rechargeable via USB.

With only 86 pairs available, the new RS-Computer sneaker has long sold out – but if nostalgia has you itching for a pair, you might want to check eBay instead of your local Puma retailer instead.