A Practical Art Piece
Front nose wireframe Ferrari 250 GTO

In the process of automotive manufacturing, building the wireframe can be described as the first “truth revealing” moment — a concept in sketches or computer renderings transforming into a 1:1 silhouette. These metal made wireframes are an essential starting point for restoration or repair work – especially when the body panels are hand beaten with metal sheets, with positions for lights, grilles, intakes, door, and all defined on the frame. Currently, a front nose wireframe of a Ferrari 250 has been discovered and made available for sale.

Measuring in at 170 x 90 x 60 cm, the 1:1 scale model was built with iron rod. The seller has not indicated the source of this wireframe, but our best guess is that it is from a coach-builder or carrozzeria that may have used it for beating panels for a 250 GTO restoration project. The uncertainty of its originality does not reduce its beauty, though – with such an ornament easily becoming the centre of attention when placed in any communal living space.