Retro Futuristic
Volkswagen Type 20 Concept

Volkswagen has unveiled a unique concept that combines its heritage with futuristic technology. The electrically powered Type 20 concept was built from a 1962 Type 2 11-window Microbus, celebrating the two decades of innovation and research work in Silicon Valley and the launch of New Innovation and Engineering Centre California.

The Type 20 now has a full electric drivetrain powered by a 10 kWh battery, 2,500-Watt onboard charger, and an electric motor that generate 120 hp and 235 Nm of torque. It also has a custom-designed active pneumatic suspension that digitally raise the car as the driver approaches. Type 20 uses real-time facial recognition system supported by a 720p wide-angle camera integrated into the driver’s-side second window for identifying users.

While maintaining the overall retro look of the 1962 Microbus, Volkswagen designers teamed up with Autodesk to add futuristic elements to it. The eye catching orange custom wheels, rearview-mirror supports and interior support elements were created using generative design, mimicking the natural evolution of organic shapes and focused on maximising strength while minimising weight. 

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