Legit Off-Roaders
Bollinger B1 SUV and B2 pickup truck modifications

Electric vehicle startup Bollinger first announced its full-electric B1 SUV in 1017 and subsequently the B2 pickup truck next year. With deliveries of both starting next year, the company recently released a few renderings showing how the two full-electric models can be customised.

The images were developed based on requests, comments, and conversations received from the company’s social media communities. With no traditional doors changed to tubular doors, plus roof rack with eight huge spot lights, special headlight grilles, spare tyre at the hood and darker wheels, both vehicles are now presented as hardcore off-roaders. The B1 SUV has an extra spare tyre at the back and even its own ladder for passengers to get to the roof.

Customisations aside, both B1 and B2 feature two motors for all wheel drive, delivering a total 614 hp and 905 Nm of torque. The vehicles come with a 120 kWh battery pack that offers a 320 km of range.

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