Life On The Moon
Lunark Moon Habitat

Human’s fascination towards life beyond the Earth is not going to end unless it has been proved unfeasible.  NASA already set the goal to send astronauts to the Moon’s surface again by 2024, SAGA Space Architects is taking a different route and trying to build a habitat for Moon settlement.

The Lunark Moon habitat will first be tested in the most remote region in Greenland, with SAGA’s founders Sebastian Aristotelis and Karl-Johan Sørensen enduring the hostile environment inside the spherical living space for three months. What sets Lunark apart from other space habitats is that the design emphasises on the well-being of the inhabitants. Lunark is equipped with a Dynamic Circadian Light System to mimic days and nights, solar panel skin for sufficient energy generation, and an algae-based life support system to help with inhabitants’ longing for nature.

The project is still in its design stage and plenty of changes can be expected before it reaches the construction phase this October. The actual expedition will begin on April 2020 and after that we would be able to understand how human’s body and emotion cope with living in isolation under extreme conditions.