Rally Made Modern
Lancia Delta HF Concept

The Lancia Delta is one of the most iconic cars in the history of rally competiton, having helped Italian teams pick up the Constructors Champion in the World Rally Championship a total of six times between 1987 to 1992. Yet the current Lancia lineup is far from what it used to be. Italian automotive designer Sebastiano Ciarcià is a proud Italian car enthusiast and is clearly disappointed at what Lancia has become these days, so to remedy that, he’s created a tribute concept that brings the first generation Delta into the modern motorsport era.

Ciarcià has researched different renditions of Delta, including the original Giorgetto Giugiaro design and the Delta HF Integrale, but what he referenced most for the project was the Delta S4 Group B monster competition car. The designer states that he wanted to create “a modern reinterpretation of the car without being too nostalgic or retro,” therefore, the rendering images show an evolution of the original Delta, focusing on bringing back the key lines and aggressive essence of the car.

The front of the concept has a contemporary feel with more angular and dynamic lines. The proportion and the mid-engine setup are direct nods to the S4, and retaining the all-wheel drive was a given, of course. How the power is produced, though, takes a clear step towards the 21st centry with an additional electric motor fitted to the front axle.

The project was first showcased with a plain white body, but recently Ciarcià had it dressed in the signature Martini livery, which you just can’t hate.