Beach City Motifs
1974 Land Rover Series III "Project Miami" by Falcon Design Germany

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of amazing restoration projects. While many aim to revisit the prime years of a classic vehicle, some projects add brand new, playful elements that showcasing a different side of a familiar model. The 1974 Land Rover Series III shown here is a great example of the latter.

Built by Munich-based Falcon Design Germany, which specialises in the restoration of Land Rover models such as the Series and Defender, this Land Rover Series III has been dubbed “Project Miami” after receiving a full blown restoration. The steel body and chassis were fully inspected and repaired, and the chassis was galvanised to create the perfect base for creativity to flourish. Powered by a  2.25-litre, four-cylinder engine, the vehicle is mainly painted in mineral metallic white and adorned with sharp aqua accents, including an aqua steering wheel and seats.

To fit with the Miami theme, Falcon Design invited various artists to hand draw signature imageries related to the beach city, ranging from palm trees and flamingos to ice creams and pineapples. That might sound like a little too much, but since only part of the frame is visible, things don’t wander too far into the realm of tacky.