Pioneering Example
2013 McLaren P1 XP05 Experimental Prototype

When McLaren initially developed the P1, 14 unique ‘Experimental Prototypes’ were built throughout the development process. These prototype cars were all produced to carry out important and specific missions, and some of them were completely destroyed as their only purpose was crash testing.

This particular Experimental Prototype, officially named XP05, was used for gearbox and Bosch injection development and later as the GTR show car at the Geneva and New York motor shows in 2015. It was stripped down to its carbon fibre Monocage and rebuilt with the same specifications as the production version, including its body panels and the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 hybrid that delivers 903 hp.

The previous and only owner of the car chose to include special order MSO options and have it finished in signature McLaren Orange. This example has only run for 300 miles and is now listed for sale through Tom Hartley Jnr.