On The Track Next Year
Ferrari 296 GT3

Ferrari’s success in motorsports is not limited to Formula 1. Take the GT racing scene as an example, the current race car 488 GT3 has picked up 107 titles from its debut race to date, winning 429 out of 720 starts. This epitome model in Prancing Horse history will soon be taken over by its successor though, as the marque has unveiled the initial sketches of the upcoming 296 GT3.

Scheduled for its first race in 2023, the 296 GT3 has maintained the linkage to the production model, the 296 GTB. Tthe design concept can be traced back to iconic models, including the successful 1963 250 LM  once triumphed in the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans. Of course there are plenty of external changes for aerodynamic boost, such as front wing louvres, side skirts and prominent rear modifications, while the 296 GTB’s hybrid system will be replaced by a racing specific version of 6-cylinder engine without the electric unit due to racing regulations.

Building of the 296 GT3 has started taking place at the Oreca di Signes plants, and the race car will hit the track for testing and further development in the coming months,ensuring best performance can be delivered in the coming year.