Classics In Innovative Fabrics
C.P. Company Gore-Tex Infinium Mixed Jackets

Many popular and functional jacket styles can trace their origins back to the military — the M1 bomber jacket is just one great example — and with recent advances in textile technology, these jackets are becoming more functional and comfortable than ever before. Italian apparel brand C.P. Company is well known for its military-inspired outerwear created with innovative fabrics, and the latest Gore-Tex Infinium Mixed capsule collection has been described by the brand as its most performance-driven pieces.

The concept of these new jackets is rooted in the PVC “wet weather” coats and smocks of the post-war Royal Navy. These military coats were completely waterproof but were hugely uncomfortable. These days, we have a lot more waterproof material choices, including three-layer fabrics that incorporate a breathable membrane such as Gore-Tex Infinium — the problem is that there are limitations on colour and design details. C.P. Company has solved this by using the ‘Component Dyed’ process to combine two totally different types of waterproof fabrics into the same garment.

The mini-collection comes in two styles, with the Gore-Tex Infinium membrane mixed with light Chrome membranes to create the ideal combination of weather-proofing and lightweight construction. The Gore-Tex 3L Infinium Mixed “La 500 Miglia” Jacket is a collared medium jacket with signature goggle hood and watch viewer lens detail. The Gore-Tex 3L Infinium Mixed Jacket is slightly longer and without the goggle, but still features plenty of secure utility pockets. The lower section of both jackets is completed and garment-dyed before being joined to the upper Gore-Tex section, giving them an interesting and creative look not found on other standard windbreakers.