Meaningful Upcycle
Patagonia flagship store at K11 MUSEA

The Patagonia flagship store on Ashley Road in Tsim Sha Tsui was a fixture for many shoppers in the past six years. With its relocation to the new mall in town, K11 MUSEA, some of the accessories from the  Ashley Road store have been moved into the new one, maintaining the brand mission on sustainability.

Patagonia invited award-winning art director Pater Wong to oversees the design of the K11 MUSEA flagship. With his plenty of experience in the film industry and keeping with combining the environmental aesthetics of the new store, the metal front door from Ashley Road is now refurbished as the “Green Gate”.Old pallets are upcycled to create a visual impact in the new store, while an iron plaque of the Patagonia Fitzroy can also be found, paying tribute to founder Yvon Chouinard. Additionally, Patagonia has teamed up with Coutou Woodworking Studio and Sai Keung, a renowned carpenter who has contributed to many local films, to add more natural elements to the shopping environment. Using broken branches collected by Coutou Woodworking Studio after last year’s Super Typhoon Mangkhut, Sai Keung has shown his stunning crafting skills in creating a few mahogany lighting fixtures that worth your attention during your next visit.