Basketball Court Diaries
"World of Hoops" by Thijs Janssen

Basketball courts are the venues of many happenings. For many people, they represent the yesteryears when playing basketball after school was the only thing that mattered. Thijs Janssen, founder of the one-man Dutch studio SuperBruut, has been photographing basketball courts all over the world for his World of Hoops project.

The project began in 2015 while Janssen was traveling abroad. At first he just saw it as an interesting way to navigate through a city, but gradually he started visiting areas that he wouldn’t be going if it’s not for the project. From Argentina, Bolivia, France, Peru, Thailand to U.S.A and more, the list keeps going on. Janssen has kept his framing consistent through out the project – placing the basketball court at the centre with similar perspective, which shows how different each basketball court can be in terms of colours and placement of its lines. While the court is the subject of the photos, the surroundings of each court are even more fascinating, telling the culture of each city in a quiet and subtle way.